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System said to offer accessibility, efficiency, compliance and security

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Wisconsin-based Bank Mutual (BKMU) has chosen Davis + Henderson Corp.’s Mortgagebot solution to provide an “end-to-end” loan origination system.

According a release from D+H, Bank Mutual had previously been using an automated, customized loan processing solution, but found the system unable to keep up with the “fast-moving” changes in regulations and compliance.

“Rather than accepting the limitations of its old system, Bank Mutual decided to replace its current technology with an end-to-end solution that offers the very latest in accessibility, efficiency, compliance and security,” D+H said in the release.

“Our key driver was to select a system that promoted more effective and efficient customer service,” said Dan Mekemson, Bank Mutual’s senior vice president and director of mortgage lending.

“D+H’s Mortgagebot solution offers the full front-to-back, integrated system we were looking for; in addition to customer service, its reputation for uptime and client focus is outstanding within the industry.”

Included in the Mortgagebot solution are MortgagebotLOS, which is an all-in-one origination system, and MortgagebotPOS, which allows for taking applications through every point-of-sale channel.

“We are pleased to add Bank Mutual to the growing list of financial institutions that have embraced the Mortgagebot platform to support their entire origination lifecycle,” said Scott Hansen, D+H’s senior vice president of marketing.

“By choosing to adopt the entire Mortgagebot solution, Bank Mutual will be well-positioned to provide its customers with the best mortgage lending experience possible.” 


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