Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

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Electronic delivery saves time and money

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In one of last week’s posts, I touched a little on leveraging technology to deliver the Loan Estimate via email. I want to ask a few questions to draw a thinking comparison:

1. Is it less expensive to use electronic delivery than mail? For all stakeholders?

2. Can you embed educational material within a paper document?

3. Is there one auditable location to prove the consumer reviewed the documentation and understood the terms and conditions when mailed?

4. Does it save time by using mail versus electronic delivery?

We have all heard the expression “less is more.”  In a situation with less back office work, less mail packages and less non-collaborative communication one ends up with more results and a more educated consumer.

The goal for technology should never be to replace that personal interaction and stakeholder communication but to streamline the process for quicker delivery, more effective communication, cost savings, and transparency for everyone to be operating out of one environment.

It makes sense for the best practice to leverage technology to streamline the process while empowering the consumer with knowledge and education.

To find out more about how technology solutions can offset the impacts of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, visit www.tilarespa.com.

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