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[Update: Germany wins. Germany 1, USA 0. Both teams advance.]

People haven’t been this excited about USA versus Germany since maybe USA versus East Germany in the Berlin Airlift.

Let the fans of soccer (or as they call it in Europe, “Quidditch”) argue the merits of the team players – how does Germany’s housing market stack up against the housing market here in this little thing we like to call “America”?

Let’s find out, courtesy the Economist.

House Price Index

House-price index—rebased to 100 at a selected date and in nominal terms only. 

Click the graph to embiggen.

Prices in Real Terms

Prices in real terms—again rebased to 100 for the selected date, but the index is deflated by consumer prices to take account of the effects of inflation on purchasing power. 

Click the graph to embiggen.

Prices Against Average Income

Prices against average income—compares house prices against average incomes in each country, rebased to 100 at the selected date.

Click the graph to embiggen.

Prices Against Rents

Prices against rents—compares the relationship between the costs of buying and renting, rebased to 100 at the selected date. 

Click the graph to embiggen.

Percent Change

Percentage change (in real terms)—shows the increase or decrease in real prices between two selected dates.

Click the graph to embiggen.

There's your match. May the best quaffles and bludgers get the golden snitch or whatever.

Pictured, Team USA and Team Germany

Pictured: Some of Team HousingWire

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