Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

Looking back, the housing industry is totally Scrooged

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Guess which job is our victim this Friday

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Last week HousingWire inaugurated a new series that is our salute to all of your out there in the housing industry, because without you neither we nor one-sixth of the economy would exist.

We started with Realtors but we plan to get to every other job in the industry – investing, finance, lending, compliance, servicing, building, selling, financial analysis and anything else you can name.

We gave you our best 12 “Ways you know you’re a … Realtor” lines, and you gave us great ones back. Here’s what you offered us.

  • You have taken a picture of a toilet!
  • You can work a 30 Hour Day in your PJs
  • Your Home Office will never look like a Pottery Barn Photo
  • You have stepped in Dog Poop inside the house.
  • You have cleaned out other people's toilets and other things...
  • You CAN keep a straight face...
  • You can smile while the vision of choking is paramount on your mind
  • You get that wonderful fuzzy feeling when you see Mommy, Daddy and children so excited…
  • You know self-defense with a notebook — and your keys are always on you
  • You feel like charging a fee for taxi service…(that is when they want to be picked up at home and then when done dropped off at the shopping mall.)
  • You are answering the phone when in the washroom as you do not want to miss a call.
  • Clients think that you are getting paid by the broker…. Not that you do the deal and it closes and then your broker pays your part.
  • They think that the gift you gave them at closing or any charitable event is paid for by the brokerage.
  • You just love the client that wants to pay min. of $70,000 below list price for all the reno’s he/she wants to do.
  • You cannot understand why other vendors of products will not negotiate like you have to…for yourself or your client.
  • You reach for a lockbox on your own house because you have a lockbox on your house.
  • You send out more junk mail than a grocery store.
  • You have a $50,000 vehicle with magnetic signs on it.
  • You've put your name tag on your pajamas before coffee.

And finally...

  • Your dog has appropriate business attire and name-tag ready to go on a minute’s notice.

Whatever you do in housing, send us your job’s quirks. Drop us an email at editorial@housingwire.com. We’ll pick the best and include them. We can credit you or we can keep it anonymous, your choice.

And be sure to check Friday – it may be your job in the cross-hairs of our “Ways you know you’re a …”

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