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Borrowers will buy haunted houses, but expect discount

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Realtor.com said at least 32% of potential homebuyers would consider buying a haunted house or a property suspected of paranormal activity, according to a recent survey.

Still, 29% of those willing buyers believe a discount of at least 20% is in order since ghosts and flying plates tend to lower a property's value.

About 33% said they would consider a haunted home, while another 35% are against the idea entirely.

Two percent of those surveyed said they'd be willing to pay more for a haunted house.

But if your home has ghostly presences, it's wise to tell them not to act up on the property tour. Sixty-two percent of the Realtor.com survey respondents said a warm or cold spot (perhaps produced by your ghost) could kill the sale.

Strange noises, footsteps and slamming doors also are considered deterrents for 48% of respondents. Another 41% are okay with ghosts as long as the ghosts remain invisible.

Other than that, your less than lively houseguests are not a deal breaker, especially around Halloween.

What rumored spooky happenings would NOT stop you from purchasing a home (assuming the home is otherwise a good fit) (Select all that apply)?

Source: Realtor.com

  • 62% - Warm or cold spots
  • 48% - Strange noises (footsteps, doors slamming)
  • 44% - Objects being moved from where they were placed
  • 45% - Flickering lights/appliances
  • 43% - Strange sensations
  • 41% - Ghost sightings
  • 36% - Levitating objects
  • 35% - Strange voices
  • 24% - All of the above would stop me from purchasing a home

How much would a “haunted” home have to be discounted (from its market value) for you to decide to purchase it?

  • 15% - 0% I would pay full market value of the home
  • 12% - 1-10% less than market value
  • 17% - 11-20% less than market value
  • 18% - 21-30% less than market value
  • 19% - 31-50% less than market value
  • 17% - 51%+ less than market value
  • 2% - I would pay more than market value for a “haunted” home



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