• Football

    SoFi bets big on the Super Bowl to win borrowers


    Uses 20% of annual budget on the big game

  • Lending

    Uses 20% of annual budget on the big game

    SoFi has shattered the typical lending model ever since it broke into the mortgage world two years ago, so its big move in this year’s Super Bowl 50 only make sense. The company's garnering a lot of attention on its big, and even risky to some, move in advertising during the big game. Watch the video here.

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February 2016

Global reach: Exploring the risks and rewards of offshore mortgage servicing

Sometimes offshoring sounds like a bad word. In reality, offshore mortgage servicing simply means using remote staff, usually to take advantage of lower labor and overhead costs and round-the-clock staffing availability. But legitimate questions remain. In the midst of increasing compliance pressures, is offshoring a sound strategy for mortgage servicers looking to stay competitive, or a fast track to dissatisfied customers and trouble with the CFPB?


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