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    4 reasons the Rocket Mortgage actually decreases mortgage risk


    It's a new tool for a new era

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    It's a new tool for a new era

    While many frowned after seeing Quicken Loans $5 million Rocket Mortgage commercial, housing and mortgage expert Laurie Goodman says the ad simply markets a new technology that allows consumers to originate mortgages more efficiently. Here are 4 reasons why.

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February 2016

Global reach: Exploring the risks and rewards of offshore mortgage servicing

Sometimes offshoring sounds like a bad word. In reality, offshore mortgage servicing simply means using remote staff, usually to take advantage of lower labor and overhead costs and round-the-clock staffing availability. But legitimate questions remain. In the midst of increasing compliance pressures, is offshoring a sound strategy for mortgage servicers looking to stay competitive, or a fast track to dissatisfied customers and trouble with the CFPB?


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